Twitter for SEO: update

After some weeks of writing my first post on SEO in twitter, jaiku or tumblr, it is time to revisit the experiment. I actually believe now that the benefit has been threefold:

  1. Increase the indexation ratio of the target website. RSS feeds, if done properly, offer a diverse content that changes frequently. For huge sites where Googlebot tends to get lost, twittering using the RSS feeds generates external linking to wide variety of pages that would otherwise likely not attract much external links due to their niche character. It may turn out actually the the content accesible via RSS may not be well linked even internallyl. This means Googlebot would never find it (unless you use well constructed site maps).
  2. Increase the linking. This was the original idea behind the experiment. It definitely works as advertise and I believe steps will be taken in near (or not so near) future to mitigate this effect. Remember, Twitter and Jaiku have not been constructed as SEO tools. If all SEOs start using this strategy, it may disrupt the normal operation of these sites (be it by using excessive resources for RSS polling, or by flooding the recently updated twitts/jaikus by endless product feeds.
  3. Increase human traffic. This is what I believe now is the best and sustainable effect of twittering for SEO. The linking effect may disappear (how long does it take to implement nofollow tag in twitter? 15 minutes if they decide to do so…) but this effect is here to stay. If you create a good publishing strategy that  actually brings value to other users, they will both add your jaiku/twitts into their social network (great for linking) and ocassionally click at links you publish, if they are of interest for them. Jaiku/twitter pages also get indexed in SERPS and they may help you to increase (even if marginally only) the visibility of the site you are SEOing.

I am currently working on another interested experiment, blogging (not splogs, but authentic blogs) for SEO. Are you interested in participating? Drop me a line!


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