Google Adwords Website Optimizer

October 25, 2006

This is probably the most important SEO news this month. It allows a simple way to improve SEO payout by improving the conversion rate of landing pages.

 While in itself it does not generate more traffic, it helps to improve user experience and increases the “goals” (such as sales, bookings, subscriptions etc.)

It has an important side effect on quite a lot of services/companies with similar usability improvement goals. So, expect something similar to “analytics earthquake” and “maps earthquake” once tool is released (free of charge) to all interested webmasters.

 Google adwords website optimizer is (at the moment) in invitation-only beta, but if I had a usability services company, I would be worried. Very worried…


Google playing catch-up game

October 25, 2006

Google has finally decided to match the offer of msn search to offer its user to create its own search engines, using subsets of its huge index.

Under the umbrella of Google Co-op, users can create specialized index(es) defining several hundred thousand(!) websites they want to include.

Why this news is interested from SEO point of view? Because it moves gives SEOs the possibility to leverage the traffic from well positioned keywords, with the traffic from well positioned specialized search sites (using index that conveniently leaves out sites that the SEO is not able to beat in the regular index, or that are spammy and useless for the site’s target audience.

History of SE by Aaron Wall

October 2, 2006

Aaron Wall’s article covers the history of search engines from the very beginning. It is an interesting reading because it shows clearly the volatility of the SE world. There were times of very strong dominance by some players who did not survive because the did not innovate fast enough. The current SEO is based on the current type of SEs. Once they change (or once they fail to innovate), the current SEO will either have to change or will disappear.

The consequences for SEO: keep your eyes open and start changing today. Study new web technology trends (Yes, I mean technology trends, not just SEO news) and think regularly on what their impact may be on your work. SEO as we know it may dissapear within few years; the need to attract quality traffic to your websites is however permanent. I keep stressing to my (ex-)clients the need to think ahead today’s trends and dedicate at least 10% of their SEO budget on research (into social networks, personalized search future, viral marketing etc.) so that they are prepared when the changes hit.