Sandbox reloaded

September 28, 2006

I just came across a very good article on trust related issues in google algo (a.k.a. sandbox). The article is interesting not only because of what it says (most of it has been rather widely known in professional SEO circles for months) but because of its reveal-it-all character; something not very common among SEO professionals.


AOL search data

September 26, 2006

Well, I just did a rather thorough analysis of the data released by AOL recently. 20 million search queries done over 3 months period. It offers a rare insight on how people really search, what results they click etc.

It is without any doubt the most valuable SEO related data released this year and it’s analysis should be obligatory for all SEOs.

AOL search data dowloads can be found using google. If you don’t have time/capacity/skills to analyze them, drop me a line. For privacy reasons the original data file is not available anymore, however, you may find my aggregate results analysis quite useful.

SEO in edreams

September 22, 2006

A curious spam report from a fellow blogger (in Spanish) attacking the SEO techniques applied at edreams. (edreams is the leading online travel agency in Spain).

it includes a response from Mark Toner , SEO specialist at edreams, refuting the charges.

I have been asked by several fellow SEOers on my opinion about this and other similiar anti-spam initiatives.

So here is where I stand:

  • It is the SEs that should handle spam. Therefore all spam reports should be primarily directed to them.
  • It is the right of anybody unhappy with some SE spam or SE inactivity to write a public spam report, as long as he does not misinterpret the facts.
  • In this particular case, I believe the interest behind the spam report very “commercial”. By that I mean that I suspect the author works for some competitor and this report is a part of his overall SEO strategy.
  • A note of caution: I would advise against using similar spam reports to learn new SEO techniques. SEO in Spain is 2-3 years behind the top SEO techniques. People trying to learn SEO shouldn’t waste time studying local SEO cases but go for cutting-edge techniques applied in extremely competitive industries in English speaking countries (this is true for all colors of SEO, white, black, magenta…).
  • I intentionally do not take parts, nor evaluate the merits of this particular spam report. Anybody can read it, check out the website and verify if it meets the SEO best practice or not.

Paradox of Choice in SEO

September 21, 2006

I am reading a fascinating book by Barry Schwartz. If you are lazy to read/buy the book, check out his google video lecture.

There are important implications of his research to usability and SEO. Highly recommended, especially for Steve and his long-tail SEO approach followers ;-).

SEO digest September 2006

September 20, 2006

Good compilation of basic SEO advice from Matt Cutts. A must read for SEO beginners.

One of many “how to get more traffic” lists. This one is quite comprehensive, worth having a look.

A useful howto for all those bloggers with adsense, hoping to get rich.

Food for thought from BT.